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The Shanghai International Energy Exchange (“INE” or the “Exchange”) has recently received the application from Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited for brand registration. In accordance with rules including the Registration Rules for Deliverable Commodities of Bonded Copper Futures and following its on-site inspection and sample testing, the Exchange determines that the registrant’s “MONYWA LPT”-branded copper cathodes conform to all the specifications of the INE copper cathode futures contract. Accordingly, the Exchange has issued the following decisions:

1. The Exchange approves the registration of “MONYWA LPT”-branded copper cathodes produced by Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited, with a registered production capacity of 100,000 mt and subject to standard delivery prices;

2. The above products are deliverable against INE copper cathode futures contracts as of the date of this Notice.

Product information:
Registrant: Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited
Place of Origin: Sarlingyi Township, Yinmarpin County, Sagaing Region, Myanmar
Product Name: Grade A Copper Cathode
Registered Trademark: MONYWA LPT
Labeling: (as shown below)

Dimension: Approx. 1030×1025×5 mm
Piece Weight: Approx. 50 kg
Bundle Weight: Approx. 2,500 kg
Delivery Unit (25 mt): Approx. 10 bundles
Packaging Material: Bundled together with four 0.9×32mm steel straps applied in a dual-line grid (#) pattern.
Applicable Standard: Requirements set forth in the futures contract


Shanghai International Energy Exchange
March 12th, 2021

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